Moxibustion hot patch

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1.   Product name

Moxibustion hot patch

2.   Specifications

7 specifications in total,JR-A、JR-B、JR-C、JR-D、JR-E、JR-F、JR-G.

3.   Component

The moxibustion hot patch consists of farinfrared cloth, magnetic sheet, heating bag, base cloth and anti-adhesivepaper. The heating bag is composed of iron powder and activated carbon.

4.   Scope ofapplication

The moxibustion hot patch is used for thetreatment of rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, cervical spondylosis, frozenshoulder, low back pain, joint pain, sciatica and other pain.

5.   Instructions

1). Please clean the skin before use, remove theadhesive release paper, point the magnet to the affected area, and fix the adhesivewing towel to the skin;

2). Every patch can be used for 24 hours,and the samepart can not be continuously patched within 3 hours.


1. Patchedon the lower abdomen of the pregnant woman, the skin ulceration, the wound, theheart area of the patient installing the pacemaker, and the implantation siteof the implanted chip in the body are prohibited;

2. Stop using if you have an allergy.

7.   Cautions

1. Please read the instruction manualcarefully before use.

2. This product is opened and hot, do notuse do not open the bag.

3. Pay attentionto anti-scald,remove the patch if you feel that the skin can not withstand thetemperature.

4. Do not place this product near watches,magnetic cards, disks, etc.

8Storage and transportation conditions

Keep away from direct sunlight, keep itsealed, and store in a cool, well-ventilated room.


Under the conditions of the storage rules,the product is valid for 24 months from the date of production.

Productiondate / expiration date on label.

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12Dateof preparation of the manual

December 2017

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