Far infrared hot patch

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1.   Product name

Farinfrared hot patch

2.   Specifications

4 specifications in total,NG-Ⅰ、NG-Ⅱ、NG-Ⅲ、NG-Ⅳ.

3.    Performance

1. This product can self-heat, temperature rise time ≤ 10mins, maximum temperature ≤ 70 ° C, duration ≥5h, temperature guarantee time ≥ 5h.

2. The viscosity is not more than 2.5mm.

3. The average force required for the peel strength per 1cm width should be not less than 1.0 N.

4.   Component

Far infrared hot patch   consists of far-infrared cloth, heating bag,base cloth and anti-adhesive paper. The heating bag is mainly composed of ironpowder, activated carbon, salt, vermiculite, resin and water.

5.   Scope ofapplication

Far infrared hot patch is used to promotelocal blood circulation, assist in anti-inflammatory, swelling and pain relief.

6.   Instructions

Openalong the packaging bag, remove the patch, remove the anti-adhesive paper, andstick it on the outside of the underwear facing the “Qihai Point” (the frontcenter line of the body, the next half inch of the navel).


1. Thisproduct is forbidden to pregnant women, people with diabetes and those withblood circulation disorders;

2. This product is forbidden to peoplewith low skin heat sensitivity;

3. This product is forbidden to thepatients with severe acute inflammation.

8.   Cautions

1. For external use, disposable, do notstick directly on the skin;

2. Immediately useafter opening the inner bag, if it feels overheated during use,remove it toprevent burns;

3. Use with caution when sleeping, bewareof low temperature burns without pain;

4. Those whocannot take care of themselves must use this product under the supervision ofthe guardian;

5. Keep away from children.

9Storage and transportation conditions

Keep away from direct sunlight, keep itsealed, and store in a cool, well-ventilated room.


Under the conditions of the storage rules,the product is valid for 24 months from the date of production.

Productiondate / expiration date on label.

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12Dateof preparation of the manual

December 2017

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